Peace & Calming


I want you to imagine something with me here… imagine your household being completely peaceful… pets, significant others, and kids all sleeping soundly, just the super quiet noise of the fan going… sounds good doesn’t it? Well guess what, it can be a reality with this oil… I’m totally not pulling your chain here… this stuff is amazing.

I diffuse this stuff all the time (and at night with lavender, OMG so awesome), knocks everybody in the household out, even the pets. And when Jake (my hyper 1 year old German Shepherd) is being awful in the house, I put a few drops on my hands and give him a good petting all around his ears and neck… 10 minutes later, out like a light… I fully admit to using this often haha!

I know many parents who put this on their kids when they are acting up and being bad, calms them down and knocks them out… it’s amazing, see I know you’re sitting there going “I need this” and YES, you do…

Do you want to know the most amazing thing? It comes in the Premium Starter Kit! Can you believe it? Yeah it’s mind blowing, I know!


Ready to order?

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