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I know you’ve been using that kit, and I know you’re in love by now… right?  That’s right, it’s okay to admit it!  You’re becoming a full blown addict to these amazing oils, which is a good thing!  So I know you’ll be excited when I tell you that you can use your awesome membership to earn FREEBIES!  Okay, okay… calm down!  Breathe!  You good?  Okay, let me tell you how!

Young Living has this amazing program called Essential Rewards, where you get points back for what you spend!  Now those points can be cashed in for freebies!  You can get anything with the points that Young Living sells so long as the Point Value (PV) is the same as the price, which is almost everything!

This program will keep all your essentials right at your fingertips, so you never run out.  Each month you select a minimum of 50PV worth of product, select the date you would like it to process, and it automatically ships it to your home at a DISCOUNTED rate!  How exciting!  Now I know that the word “autoship” might freak some people out, but I promise you… this is no ordinary autoship program!  You may log into your account at an point and change anything about the order… that includes the products, the date, the shipping type, the address it’s sent to… like I said, anything!  And it processes at midnight on the night you selected, so if you have it set up for the 10th of the month, you can log in on the 10th (or before) and make any changes you’d like to the order, save it, and it’ll process that night!

So now that I’ve got your attention, let me tell you more!  This program gives you different amounts of points back depending on what consecutive month you’re in… let me explain!

Months 1-6 you get 10% back

Months 7-12 you get 15% back

Months 13 + you get 20% back

You can also cancel this at anytime, there’s no catch to this at all… just an amazing way to earn free oils and other products with your normal orders!  On top of this, they will also give you one “grace” month per year where you can skip a month and not have to worry about loosing your points or where you are in consecutive months!  Pretty great, right?

There are a few other things I should tell you about Essential Rewards so that you are armed with all the knowledge about this amazing program!

  • To sign up, just go to your virtual office and click on Essential Rewards on the left side of the screen, it will walk you through the process!
  • To redeem your points, just call Member Services, or hop on Live Chat!
  • You must be enrolled in Essential Rewards for at least 3 months before you can redeem your points.

So now that you are just as savvy as I am about Essential Rewards, go forth and earn freebies my loves!  And as always, if you have questions, just let me know! ❤

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