Why Young Living?


So you might be sitting there asking yourself, why should I choose Young Living over the cheaper drug store variety? I am going to tell you exactly why!

Young Living Essential Oils are always going to be 100% pure, it will never have to be something you worry about again. They have had nothing at all added, and nothing at all taken away. They will never be synthetic in any way, shape, or form. They are 100% organic!  Over 90% of all the oils labeled as “essential” in the USA are fragrance grade and are not suitable for healing applications. Legally there only has to be 10% of the actual plant oil for something to be considered 100%, that’s pretty scary… so I like not ever having to worry about fillers being in my Young Living oils!


Young Living owns their own farms, where they oversee the entire operation, from the time the seed is placed into the ground, until the oil is sealed into the bottle, hence the Seed to Seal guarantee… You’ll also see there that they only use the first distillation of oils, that ensures that the oils are always potent. The best comparison I can think of is K-Cup coffee… the first time you use it, that’s the same as the first distillation, a nice strong cup of joe… now if you leave that same K-Cup in, and make 4 more cups of coffee with it, that’s the same as the cheaper oils you can find in Whole Foods and places like that… plants can be distilled multiple times, and even though they aren’t as potent, just like your 4th cup of coffee is still technically coffee, they are still considered to be essential oils.  Would you want that? I didn’t think so!



Now, lets talk about the Lemon Droppers, because you’re probably sitting there scratching your head, wondering what the heck I’m talking about!  The Lemon Droppers are a group of Independent Distributors who were founded in 2013, this was divine inspiration at it’s finest. We are growing so rapidly and have so many amazing resources available to us, that it would blow you away… you want support? Well good, because we’ve got you covered… We can’t wait for you to join us and be a lemon dropper too!

Are you ready to become a member yet? I sure hope so! ❤

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