I’m With You Every Step of the Way…

Here are the step-by-step instructions to help you sign up to become part of our Young Living family!

Step 1 – Go to https://www.youngliving.com/signup/?site=US&sponsorid=1814883&enrollerid=1814883

Step 2 – Make sure “Wholesale Member” is selected instead of “Retail Customer” This is VERY important as you will only have access to the kit, and to the 24% off if you sign up as a wholesale member!

Step 3 – Make sure my member numbers are in the blanks (they should be pre-populated), my member number is 1814883.

Step 4 – Fill out all of the required information. It WILL ask you for your SS#, but this is only for tax reporting purposes if you decide to start selling and earning a commission check (YL is a referral based business). If you never sign anyone up, your SS# will never be reported.  I will never pressure you to do the business end, my whole goal is that I want you to use and love the oils as much as I do, so that you and your family can try to live more naturally!

Step 5 – Make sure you write down your username, password, and your PIN, as these will be used to sign into your account later.

Step 6 – Select the “Premium Starter Kit with Aroma Diffuser” for $160, if you’d like the smaller diffuser, that kit is $150 and it is called the “Premium Starter Kit”

Step 7 – Scroll down through the “Essential Rewards Kits” and click “No thank you, I plan on enrolling in Essential Rewards later”. You are not ever obligated to sign up for this, I only recommend this to people who are going to be ordering often, or working the business end, as it has some great opportunities!

Step 8 – Click “I Agree” And “Next”

Step 9 – Confirm your enrollment information, you should also see my name listed as both your enroller and sponsor.

Step 10 – Add any additional products to your cart at this time.

Step 11 – Check out and you are DONE!  WOOHOO!

YAY! You are officially a Young Living member!! You did it! You made one of the best decisions of your life! Just remember, to keep your account active you must spend $50 per year, it does not automatically renew, you would just go in and order at least $50 worth of product per year (totally not a problem, you’ll be hooked!).