Ahh Valor, keeper of my night time peace, how I love you… Fun tip for you all, put 1 drop on the bottom of each of your spouses big toes and the snoring will cease… I kid you not… you can thank me later!  It’s amazing!  Michael has told me that when I use this on him, he actually sleeps better because he isn’t snoring so much, and I KNOW I sleep better! 🙂

Valor also really helps with those who suffer from anxiety, depression, and even panic attacks… I’ve successfully used this on my sweet dog, Sodapop, in conjunction with Peace and Calming during thunderstorms when even her Thundershirt wouldn’t calm her down. It elicits feelings of comfort, courage, and self worth! If you need to have a big talk with somebody, and you’re nervous about it, try putting a few drops on the back of your neck and temples, you will feel so much calmer about it all… this also works for interviews, exams, even first date jitters!

If you suffer from tension headaches, this will become your new best friend, it will stop those headaches in their tracks! It’s also quite helpful in reducing bruising if you injure yourself!

Valor has long been called the “chiropractor in a bottle” due to it’s ability to help balance your spine when applied to feet, lower back, and neck daily. If you visit the chiropractor, use this before and after your visit to help the adjustment hold!

VALOR v1.1

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