Alright y’all, I live in the South… there are mosquitoes the size of cars down here… and then there are those tiny black ones that eat you alive before you ever even see them… Plus my blood is apparently super sweet! So this oil has been my BFF, if I get a bug bite, I put one little drop over it and BAM! all itching is gone… it’s almost like it never was!

Speaking of almost like it never was, I found a way to make sure it doesn’t happen too!  All natural bug spray that smells like heaven in a bottle… and it WORKS! Here’s the recipe! I promise you’ll love it!


Okay, so aside from being a bug repellant, stopping itchy bug bites in their tracks, and smelling awesome… purification has some other great talents you should know about!

You know how febreze claims to ELIMINATE odors? Yeah, well purification is basically like an all natural febreze… it eliminates odors no matter where they are… washing machine, dishwasher, garbage disposal, stinky shoes, kids rooms, pet areas, or your entire house when you use it with your nifty diffuser… it’s awesomesauce!

You can also use it to clean cuts and scrapes on yourself, your children, and even your pets!  It actually kills germs much like Thieves!  It does a number on acne too, but be warned, it will get out all the impurities in your skin, which can result in a temporary flare up before it starts getting better!  It really does a fantastic job!  This is one oil I won’t ever be without!


Ready to order?


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