I’m going to be completely honest, this oil rocks my socks… completely. When I first smelled frank, I did not like it at all… however after using it for about a month, it is probably one of my most favorite smells. It’s great for almost everything!

Frankincense is a very powerful mood enhancer, you can either diffuse it, or wear it like a perfume! I use it every day… to me, this oil is super balancing emotionally, it helps keep me calm and relaxed when I start to get worked up about something. It also promotes the regeneration of healthy cells… so it’s great for your skin and it can help with those wrinkles, stretch marks, and scars!  Frankincense can help ease tight muscles, so if you get a cramp, apply a drop or two and be amazed!

There have been MANY documented cases of people successfully reducing lumps, cysts, moles, and warts with this amazing oil.

There is also a TON of scientific research going on right now about frankincense and its effects on cancer. Pretty awesome right?


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